Tuesday, September 2, 2014

No White?

It's officially the day after Labor Day, and I'm already causing trouble.  This whole "no white after labor day" thing needs to go.  I mean, isn't it arcaic in this modern utopia for people to still abide by rules from ancient times?!  White can be seriously chic, even more so that the every day basic color black.  Don't get me wrong, black is the new black and all, but what about the color white?   In the coldest winter months white can be so chic against a winter wonderland backdrop. ( I type this as it is 90 degrees in New York City with 100% humidity and my hair is frizzing by the second!)    I am all for totally getting rid of this silly seasonal rule, so why not someone like me finally put her foot down?  I  hereby abolish all laws regarding what people can or can't wear after Labor Day!  After all, rules are meant to be broken. ;)
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