Monday, September 8, 2014

MBFW Lessons

Fashion School is back in session, and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is teaching us all a lesson in Spring and Summer 2015 dressing.  I have taken notice that many of the trends listed below have incorporated several different styles together and some that stand on their own.  Take a peek at some of my favorite's and memorize the trends so that playing dress up with be much more enjoyable come Spring and summer recess.  

Abstract shapes and symmetrical pattens take us back to math class

All the flavors of the pastel rainbow wet our pallets 

Peek a Boo V
I am so happy to see the return of the decolletage


Cut it out 
A little cut here and there = a modern classic


Crop to It
Crop tops aint' goin nowhere



A little bit see through, but oh so sexy


Lesson in Length
Asymmetric lengths lead the way into spring


You can never make a mistake in white, the new black

Lasagna for Lunch
Layered and mixed patterns look oh so yummy

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